‘It’s time to put our foot down’: Drivers and fans alike on social media after Formula One GP Melbourne

More than 300 drivers, fans and media personalities have been suspended from F1 racing for a single day over the weekend.

The suspensions come after the British Grand Prix in Melbourne and after the Australian Grand Prix on Friday, where drivers and fans clashed in the streets and on social networks.

More than 1,300 people have been arrested in the past week and thousands have been banned from driving in the sport.

The FIA says it is taking “all appropriate action” to protect fans.

Formula One’s governing body, the FIA, said on Friday that its “world class” teams and drivers have been working closely with the FIA to ensure the safety of the fans.

But it also said the FIA and the FIA itself have been “very careful” about enforcing its rules, and that it was “not appropriate” to impose additional sanctions against drivers.

The drivers’ association said it was calling on F1’s governing bodies to impose “immediate and mandatory suspensions” for the drivers involved in the clashes.

“It’s a clear and present danger to our sport, to the sport of motorsport and the sport as a whole,” said F1 Racing Manager John Booth.

“These suspensions should be quickly lifted, so that the drivers can return to the track to complete the race weekend.”

F1 cars, on the other hand, were allowed to leave the circuit on Friday and Saturday.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the Formula One Drivers’ Association (FDA) said it has not yet seen a full list of those involved in Friday’s disturbances and had asked the FIA for information “as soon as possible”.

The FIA has yet to comment.

The BBC’s Jeremy Bowen says it appears to be the first time the FIA has imposed sanctions on a single driver and fan.

“The FIA has not said whether it will impose the same penalties against the drivers or fans who clashed on Friday,” he said.

BBC Sport’s Formula One: Australia – live coverage and analysis, weekend preview, race report”

F1’s owners have been extremely supportive of the FIA over the past couple of weeks, and have clearly indicated they want this issue resolved quickly and effectively.”

BBC Sport’s Formula One: Australia – live coverage and analysis, weekend preview, race report