Maxi Racing: ‘This is what we want to do’

Maxi racing train owners are hoping to get their cars on the track next year, but they’ve been denied a chance to do so by the state government.

On Thursday, the state Government announced it was removing a provision in the Passenger Rail Act that would allow train operators to sell up to a maximum of 250 cars each for use on the race track.

The government said the move was aimed at preventing “illegal activities”.

“It’s the state’s intention to ensure that this is not an illegal activity,” Transport Minister Rob Stokes said.

“This is the state of Victoria’s intent to ensure the safety of our passengers.”

A spokeswoman for Victoria Police said the force was still investigating the issue.

“The NSW Police force is also investigating the matter,” she said.

“NSW Police is reviewing the matter to ensure it is not a breach of the Act.”

In a statement, the Victorian Railways Association said it welcomed the change.

“We’re pleased that the Victorian Government is working to keep the public safe from illegal activity in motor sport, particularly in the form of dangerous equipment and the risk of injury,” the statement said.

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