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When you think of karting, what comes to mind?

Car racing fans are often led to believe that kart racing is a serious sport, with an average race time of 10 minutes and an average distance of 50 metres, or around 1,500 metres.

It may seem a long time, but the kart races are usually staged at least once a year, with the first race taking place in the spring and the last in autumn.

There are also a few other races, such as the F3 kart championship, which is held annually in Hungary and runs from September to November.

But kart racers will rarely think of the world of car racing.

In fact, car racing is considered a niche sport in Italy, with only a handful of teams competing in the sport.

This is partly because the sport is quite limited, with a single race being held each year in different cities across Italy.

The race, known as the Italian Formula 4 Championship, takes place at a race track called Montecampiono, where cars and tracks are located.

The competition is intense, with cars competing on a variety of tracks and conditions.

The sport is dominated by Italian drivers, who compete in races against a grid of 10 cars.

In addition to the top-level racing, the championship also offers a few more competitions.

The Formula 4 championships have been held in Milan, Turin, Florence and elsewhere since the 1960s, but it is not the same for every driver.

Some drivers have raced in Formula 2, while others have raced for their local teams.

The most successful drivers in the championship are the Italians Giancarlo Fisichella and Marco Andretti, with each having won the championship twice.

The cars of Fisich’s Ferrari and Andretti’s Mercedes-Benz team have also competed in the championships, with Andretti winning the first and Fisicio winning the second.

The Italian driver Giancarlare Giovanelli, the first Italian to win the Formula 4 title, has been a driver in the series since its inception.

The drivers are very close, with Giovanella even sharing the car of Ferrari’s Felipe Massa with his team-mate, Massa.

Ferrari is still a small team in comparison to Ferrari, with its team having only one driver, Andrea Dovizioso.

However, it is a small one, with Ferrari having only a few hundred members, compared to the many hundreds of cars owned by Ferrari.

The racing is not limited to just Italy, as the racing is also held in France, Germany and Spain, as well as at the Nurburgring, which has a total of more than 20,000 cars.

This competition is run on a grid with more than 10 cars, with different manufacturers competing in different rounds.

The main event is the German Grand Prix, which takes place every year in the German city of Nürburgring, and features the best of the best in Formula 3.

This race, which features more than two hours of racing, is held on the track at the very beginning of the race, where the cars start out at the start of the track.

The driver who wins the race will be crowned Formula 3 World Champion.

Formula 3 is the second largest sport in the world, with approximately one million drivers participating in the four categories of the sport: road, rally, open-wheel and endurance.

There is also a Formula 1 team, which competes in the European Championship, which in addition to racing in Europe, also competes internationally.

Although Formula 3 races are held in the United States, the sport in Europe and North America is still dominated by European teams.

Some European drivers have also raced in the Formula 1 series.

Formula 1 is an open-to-the-public race series in which drivers race in the FIA Formula 1 championship, the premier open-road and open-wheeled championship in the World.

The teams are formed from a single manufacturer, which also takes part in the races.

The F1 teams include McLaren, Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes-AMG.

The races are organised by the FIA, the international motorsport organisation, which brings together the racing community.

F1 is also the only sport in which a single driver will compete in the season, as Sebastian Vettel will not race in this year’s race.

The season starts in January, and the race is also broadcasted in all three major international sports: soccer, cricket and rugby union.

The championships last about two weeks, which gives the drivers a chance to rest after the race.

Formula 2 racing is less intense, but still very competitive.

Formula One is a race series that takes place in a series of international circuits in the form of the Grand Prix.

Formula I, the most prestigious racing series, has a minimum of eight cars, but can have as many as 16.

In the case of Formula 1, it usually takes place during the first half of January.

Formula cars compete