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How did Babs Racing car crash into Bentley?

The Bentley Racing car that was involved in a collision with a Mercedes Benz in the Babs region of Germany was involved with the German team Babs for more than two years, and was the subject of a recent investigation.

The Babs team has admitted that the car was stolen at the beginning of the season.

The Babs car was not involved in the accident.

The Mercedes Benz was involved.

The Bentley was not at fault, the team told reporters.

The crash took place on Friday, January 15, when the BABES team, led by Andrea Scarponi, was trying to race in the Eurocup on the A16 in a race in Düsseldorf.

The accident happened as Scarpini was crossing the finishing line, when he collided with a Bentley.

According to Babs, the Bentley driver was unable to take control of the car and crashed into it.

Babs had previously said that the Bentley had a problem with its brakes.

The team confirmed that a Babs driver and a passenger, also a Bentley, were injured in the crash, but it was not immediately clear if the injured driver was among the drivers or passengers.

BABERS owner Andrea Scarsolo was not present at the press conference, as usual.

The accident is the latest in a string of accidents involving Bentley, and the team has said it is taking action against those who have committed the crash.