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How to avoid the crash that killed two friends

The crash that sent two friends to the hospital last week was part of a larger pattern of accidents in the sport that raises questions about the safety of drivers and the ability of racing to maintain its legitimacy.

The accident happened on June 30 at the Autodromo Nazionale Nazionario di Siena in Sienampoli, Italy, about 30 miles north of the capital, Rome.

Three people died.

The two who died in the crash were racing cars, and their deaths could have been prevented if the cars had been properly equipped to handle the type of collision they suffered, a federal official said Thursday.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is still ongoing, said investigators have determined that a driver’s brakes on a race car in S.E. Italy in the early hours of June 30, 2015, were not properly functioning.

The crash, which killed two of the people who were riding in the car, may have been a factor in the deaths, the official said.

Investigators are still trying to determine whether any violations were made in the wake of the accident, the person said.

“We believe this is a clear case of a bad brake and it is important to establish what was wrong in order to protect other people,” the official, whose name was withheld, told The Washington Times.

The car’s brakes were supposed to work with a system that automatically slows down when braking, slowing down cars and drivers, and reducing the speed of traffic.

The system was designed to work well in racing but was not designed to be used for commercial use, and it wasn’t designed to do that, the federal official added.

The person spoke to The Times on condition that he not be identified because the case is still being investigated.

The investigation into the accident has not yet revealed whether any wrongdoing occurred by anyone in the race car or its driver, or how they could have prevented the accident.

The driver in question, Antonio Bazzano, was not involved in the accident but was seen driving the race cars in which the two died, according to the federal officials.

The officials said it was unclear how the accident happened or who was in charge of the cars, which were registered in the name of Bazzanese, who was not registered with the California Highway Patrol.

They said the crash was not the first accident involving the race track.

In July, another car collided with another car in the same Autodrome, causing the deaths of two people and injuring five others.

The Autodome is also used for track events like the 500-mile Indy 500, which is now on hiatus.

At least one other crash occurred in the United States in March 2015 when two cars collided on a track in St. Petersburg, Fla.

That incident was also a death.

The cars were registered to a racing driver named Peter Tamburini, who died at the scene, and a second person who was injured in the collision, said Peter Boccaccini, a former racer who is now an attorney.

The California Highway Safety Commission and the National Safety Council both said the Autodesk vehicle was not properly tested.

In the crash, the Autodeck car was operating at 100 mph, and the Autotec car was at 70 mph, according the federal safety official.

The federal official told The Times that the crash occurred when the Autosteer cars were running at low speeds.

At one point, they were running with the engine running, the Federal Highway Administration said.

The Federal Highway Agency has been involved in accidents at Autodro, the agency said.

At Autodramo Nazioneario di Piazza, the cars were moving slowly and had no brakes, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said in a statement.

“When the vehicles crossed the intersection, they collided with two vehicles and a pedestrian crossing the street.

The pedestrians were pronounced deceased at the hospital,” the statement said.

In addition to the crash in Siete Domenico, investigators are looking into the death of another driver in Italy last year when the same cars collided.

The Italian authorities have not released the names of the other drivers involved in that accident.

Autosteel Automobile, which has a track near Sienanpano, Italy where the AutODrome is located, said the driver in that case had been on a testing program.

The company said the testing program is now over.

Autodeski is owned by the Swiss-based Swiss Technology Group.

Autosport International, which owns Autodra and is a major sponsor of the Indy 500 race, said it is cooperating with federal authorities.

In an email to The Associated Press, the company said that the accident occurred during a safety demonstration.

“The Autodrake has always been designed to meet all the safety standards that the public demand and to help us improve the safety in our cars,” the company wrote.

“To learn more about Autodracks safety features, please contact the Autosports Safety Center at (415

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