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Former British GP team boss on racing car, gan and his racing career

Former British Formula 1 team boss James Gough was interviewed in the UK on Tuesday by BBC Radio 5 live.

The former team boss, who also worked with Aston Martin, Lotus and Caterham, said that he and his team mate Kevin Magnussen were “always the team to beat.”

“I was the only Briton on the car for four years,” Gough said.

“It was a tough team and a tough job.

But it was one of the great teams of all time, a very tough group to beat, a team with a very, very competitive spirit.”

The British racing car is fantastic.

It’s been around for a long time.

It has got great, very fast dynamics.

I don’t think it’s changed.

The only thing I’ve changed is the racing style.

It used to be a very fast car, very aggressive.

Now it’s more of a very controlled car.

But I still think it is one of, if not the best, in the world.

“Gough said that the team’s success in Formula 1 came about in part because they were “really good at what we do.

“He said that their racing style had been “the same for so long.””

The way we drove, the way we got out of corners, we knew exactly what we were doing.

We weren’t messing around.

We were in it, so we had to be very good at that,” Grough said.”

We were always the team that got out there and we knew what we needed to do to get the job done.

“Goug added that the British racing team was “totally different to any other team” in the sport.”

When you are a British team, we are not going to get up and down the straights of the track and chase people.

We don’t do that.

We’re going to be out there, pushing, doing everything we can to win.

And I think that was the thing that drew us to Formula 1.

“Gaugh also took aim at the likes of Sebastian Vettel, who he said was “a really nice guy.””

He’s a really nice person and he’s a good guy.

He has a big heart.

He cares about other people and he has a really good heart,” Gaugh said.

Gough also commented on his former team mate, Kevin Magnusson.”

I’d just go and have a drink with him and I knew he was a really talented guy.””

We used to go into a hotel room together every morning, and we’d go to the paddock together and I think he’d be like the world champion and I’d be the world number one.

I’d just go and have a drink with him and I knew he was a really talented guy.”

Irish GP to be broadcast on BBC News channel

A new sportscar series is to be aired on BBC television in 2018, and its expected to be the first one to feature an Irish driver.

The racing series will be called The Irish GP, the BBC said on Friday.

It will also be the fifth race in which a driver from Ireland will appear on the race schedule.

Its the first time the series will have featured an Irish racer, the first being Formula One.

Last year’s race at the track in Kiawah Island, Kildare, featured a driver who was a second-generation racing driver from Northern Ireland.

“The programme will be a mixture of sports and the arts,” said BBC Sport’s senior sportswriter, Stephen McPhail.

Dublin-based company Sports Car Ireland said it was pleased with the BBC’s decision to give it the opportunity to put on a series of racing series.

I was very proud to be given the opportunity,” said Sport Car Ireland CEO Stephen McGlennan.

Sport Car Ireland, which is also the exclusive promoter of Formula One in the Republic of Ireland, is the third Irish racing series to air on the BBC, after Formula One Ireland and Formula One Race Team.

Formula One has already broadcast the series in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany.

Irish racing has been on the decline in recent years, with a record number of deaths at the hands of motorcyclists.

This year’s sportscar race, which took place in February in Kildaren, was the first in a series to be televised in Ireland.