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Kei car team unveils new car design for 2016 season

Japanese car maker Kei Motors has unveiled the new Kei Racing Car in Tokyo, featuring a bold new look and body kit that includes a carbon fiber shell.

The new design uses carbon fiber shells and an aerodynamically designed body with aerodynamic bodywork that is designed to allow for maximum air flow.

It also has a new lightweight front bumper with a new, high-performance carbon fiber frame.

The car has a number of other new and innovative features that are designed to improve its performance.

One of the new features is the front bumper, which is designed for more airflow by using carbon fiber as a structure.

The front bumper is also made from carbon fiber, and the carbon fiber bodywork is also lightweight.

The car also has new wheels, tires, and a new air intake.

The body kit includes a new carbon fiber exhaust system with a stainless steel tailpipe, and it also comes with a carbon steel exhaust system that uses carbon fibre.

It has a carbon exhaust system in the rear of the car.

The Kei racing cars also use carbon fiber in the body panels.

Kei says it has been a long-time commitment to develop the best carbon fiber-bodied cars.

The Kei Motorsport team is also working on a new version of the Kei GT-R, which will go on sale next year.

The team says the GT-RR will be more aerodynamic, lighter, and with a more powerful engine.

Keijo Kari is the CEO of Kei Motor, and she said the new design will make the Keijou GT-Rs even more aerodynamical.

“The Keijoku Racing Car and Keijoo Racing Car have become the best-selling cars in the world.

We have seen the Keiko GT-1 and Keiko XR1.

We are committed to producing the next generation Keijokus, which are going to be the best cars in terms of aerodynamics and performance,” she said.