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The Mad Car Racing Story: A History

With its first cars going on sale in 1969, Mad Car Racing’s name had already been cemented in the motorsport lexicon by the likes of the Ford GT, Aston Martin DB5, Porsche 918 and more.

That was before it made a name for itself in the 1970s with its success in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

In the wake of the iconic Le Mans race in 1979, the iconic brand found itself in hot water with the FIA.

Mad Car’s management was caught red-handed with allegations of financial mismanagement and tax evasion.

The FIA had charged the company with fraud in the first instance, and Mad Car had been accused of “gross misconduct” in the second.

By 1982, the FIA had decided that the Mad Car team was a fraud and suspended its license to run the 24 hours race, a decision that would lead to a lengthy legal battle between the FIA and the company.

Now Mad Car was looking for a new team owner and, with a history of bankruptcies and other legal issues, the company was looking to start over.

With a little help from the late great Jeff Burton, who had previously owned the rights to the brand, the group called on former Ferrari Formula One team owner Paul Stoddart to help them get the team back on the road.

The result was Mad Car and Burton’s new team, the Ferrari 488 GTB-R.

With Stoddard at the helm, the team became a global success, winning the 24 Hour race for the first time in 1982.

The team would go on to win six championships between them, including the 24Hours title in 1989 and the 24Hour race at Daytona International Speedway in 1989.

Mad Catz Racing: The True Story of Mad Catzz Racing is an anthology of the Mad Catzo Racing stories, including a documentary chronicling the company’s beginnings and its transition from a sports car racing team to an industrial design company.

It tells the story of the early days of Mad Car, its early success, its meteoric rise, and the long road to success that would bring the company to the world of racing.

Written by Simon Henningsen