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Racing Cars in Las Vegas for 2018

The next few years are going to be a great time for RACING in Las for 2018.

With the release of the RACER and RACERS 2018 models coming this year, we have another exciting year to look forward to.

 The new RACEROX, RACERA and RASSO models are sure to give new meaning to the term RACESports and they have the potential to change the way you think about cars in 2018.

Racing cars are now an integral part of our lives and they are now becoming the most popular vehicles in the sport.

So what is a RACer and what is RACROSports?

In a nutshell, they are racing cars that are built for racing and have been designed for the most demanding events, like the IndyCar and NASCAR.

The RACeroX, the first of the new ROC-equipped cars, is the first ROC car that has a full-time driver, which allows drivers to enjoy their full racing schedule, all while also managing the safety of their vehicle.

The ROCR has been designed to handle all of the daily challenges of racing, including road and track events, in a way that is comfortable for everyone, including drivers.

The latest model in the ROC family is the RACEERA, which is the successor to the previous ROC, the RACCEROX.

The new model brings with it a whole host of features including more powerful engines, a new brake system and a new suspension system that allows it to be driven in any weather conditions.

The next models in the series are the RAPER and the RASCAR.

These cars are designed for speed and will offer a new level of comfort and safety.

The new RAPERSports models are expected to be released in 2019, and RAPCARs will be launched in 2020.RACER 2018ROCRAPER2018Model 2018Model 2018Curb weight (kg) 1,950 1,848 Transmission 5-speed manual 7-speed automatic Engine type 4-cylinder, V6 with 8-valve DOHC (16 valves) DOHC/Ci (16 valve) DOCC (16 Valve) Fuel capacity (litres) 1.6L (8) 1 1.5L (6) Horsepower (hp) 186.4 181.9 Torque (lb ft) 4,400 4,600 Top speed (mph) 120 115 Fuel capacity 0.92L (1.1) 0.94L (2.3) Horse power (hp/km) 190 190 Fuel consumption (L/100km) 24.2L/101.2km 29.4L/102.4km EPA ratings N/A 20/27 25/30 Maximum speed (km/h) 140.4 140.9 Maximum range (km) 3,872.6 3,948.4 Top speed range (mph/h/km/mi) 140 150 Fuel economy (km-l/100 miles) 18.4/25/35 18.3/25 MPG (l/ 100km) 21.2/25.3 23.5/28