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Sandown car racers to compete in US Supercars next year

Sandown, New Zealand — Sandown Raceway and Car Racing New Zealand (SRNZ) will host its second Supercars race in 2019, the team announced.

Racing New Zealand is the second team from the New Zealand-based team to participate in the upcoming Supercars season, and the second American team to enter the New England circuit.

Sandowacars.com was first to report the news.

The news was first confirmed by Team Sandown Racing in a Facebook post on March 8.

“Our new partnership with Team Sandowacar is a tremendous honor,” said Team Sandworth Racing CEO Peter Wilson.

“We are thrilled to have a new and loyal fan base and partner to support us as we continue to push our vision to the next level.”

The team has competed in the United States in the Supercar Championship and has won two championships in the sport.

The team is currently competing in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series and the IndyCar Series.

The team will be taking on the New Jersey Turnpike at Sandown Raceways on Friday, Sept. 19.

The race will be held at approximately 7:30 p.m.

The course is open to the public.

Why you should care about sandown car motorsports

It’s easy to forget that a sandown racing car is not a motor sports car.

Instead, it’s a supercharged version of a car with a small body that uses a modified engine and is powered by a special air-cooled turbocharged V8.

The Sandown car, which was built by Sandown Racing, uses an electric motor that spins the rear wheels, as opposed to the traditional mechanical transmission.

The company, based in New Jersey, says it’s the fastest racing car on the planet.

It’s built by a team of skilled mechanics.

The car is also designed for track days and road races, but can be raced on the open road.

The supercharged engine has a range of up to 7,200 miles (14,400 kilometers), making it more fuel efficient than the traditional diesel engine.

Sandown is now looking to expand the Sandown Car Racing line with a supercharger-powered version, which is due out in 2018.

The new supercharged Sandown cars can go from 0-60 mph (0-100 kilometers per hour) in about 5.5 seconds.

But the best part of Sandown’s supercharged car is the price: $7,500 (about $2,600 for the model that has an electric engine).

The company has been selling supercharged cars for years and is known for offering the fastest, most fuel-efficient cars in the world.

But with the price so high, many drivers have expressed their frustration with the Sandys.

In fact, in an article published by the Daily Telegraph in January, the company admitted that it had lost sales in the last six months due to the high price.

In addition to the Sandtown, Sandown also built a super-charged version called the Sandpool, which used a small car engine.

The other supercharged race cars are the Sandman and the Sandmen.

But despite their name, they are not supercars.

They are smaller racing cars that were designed to compete in endurance racing events.

They have a low fuel-economy and top speed rating of about 30 mph (46 km/h), which means they’re more suitable for short track days.

Sandtown’s car is a supercar that was built in a low-budget way.

It is powered on an electric battery that’s connected to a Supercharger unit that converts the electric power to a high-speed charge.

The electric power is then sent to the superchargers in the rear of the car.

Sandworld says it was able to get a supercharging station to be in place and run in just two days.

The project also came with an environmental benefit: the supercharged sandtown car was able the be tested by local environmental groups to make sure it was safe for the environment.

The team said the project is designed to make a lasting impact in the environment by helping to prevent future pollution of the environment and improve the health of the local communities.

The Dirt, the Stars and the Dirt Bike – Part Two

Two days after the first edition of Dirt Bike Racing was published, the second edition of the show, entitled Dirt Bike, is now available to view on DVD.

The first edition, Dirt Bike Road Trip, was released in the UK in October 2014.

We have also included the first and second editions of the series, which cover the same events.

All of the episodes have been available to stream on Netflix.

All of the dirt bikes have been meticulously recreated and modified, and the cars are driven through an authentic road trip.

The cars can also be modified to suit specific events and track conditions.

The series also includes commentary from drivers who have raced in the series.

The second edition includes all four seasons of the Dirt series, plus the new season of the racing series, Dirt: Race.

Racing cars have been brought to life in real life, and these cars are all the same shape and size, except for a few subtle differences in the way they are driven.

They all have a lot of horsepower, and they have the same exhaust systems and brake systems.

The racing cars are also driven around a track in real time.

You can see this in action in the following video: The series also offers commentary from a host of racing cars, and this includes some of the best in the sport, including: Ryan Briscoe, Tony Cale, Jody Helton, Alex O’Connor, Justin Allum, John Southey, Joe Sperry, David Scott, Alex Wilson, Jason Withers, Michael Whelan, Michael Ainsworth, Tony Martin, James Brantley, Ryan Brisco, Josh Sperling, Kevin Rundle, Michael Hill, and more.

More than 600 races have been staged in Australia, and three years ago, it was announced that the series was planning a return to South Africa.

The second edition will feature the same three events in South Africa, as well as a number of events from other countries, including Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada.

This year’s Dirt series is set to run from the end of March to the end the end on April 12, 2020.

This will be the first time that the world has seen an official Dirt race in 20 years, so expect to see some great racing in 2019!