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How to beat a stock car race: The ‘Cats of the world’

The Cats of the World Championship race has long been a source of pride for the Indian motorsport community, with teams taking the race to new heights and driving for multiple titles.

A few years ago, it was the only time the two-day event was contested, with a record of 14 victories and four poles.

Now, a number of teams are entering the race, and they are racing with their hands full, racing for multiple championships.

The first team to enter is The Cats of The World.

The outfit is aiming to finish third and win the championship.

Team captain Rahul Rane has already qualified for the championship and he is looking forward to the challenges ahead.

“I will be racing the next three days for the Championship,” Rane told The Times Of India.

Rane is currently second in the standings with a best finish of 8th in the 2017 edition of the race.

“We have a very good car in the race with a lot of experience, and I am confident we will win,” he added.

While the championship will be contested on the weekend of December 7, the first race will be held on the Friday of December 10, the day after the Indian Independence Day.

The Indian team has been racing for three years, and the team is hoping to keep their head above water as the season progresses.

“The Indian people have come together for this championship, and it has given us an opportunity to fight for the championships,” Rani said.

“There are a lot more races in the future, but we will be trying to finish first.

We are hoping to be able to do well.”

The Cats are aiming to take home two trophies, the title and a pole.