The Washington Nationals will announce their 2016 roster on Monday

Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo has been busy over the past few days.

On Monday, he told reporters he would announce the team’s lineup for the opening game of the 2016 season.

The team will likely be announced as a 6-2 team with some players coming off of their World Series rosters, but Rizzon said he wouldn’t reveal any details about that.

“I don’t want to talk about anything until we know the game,” Rizzotos statement read.

“We’ve got to make the best decisions that we can.

We’ve got a great opportunity here.”

The Nats are projected to be a top-10 team, but they won’t be on the same field with the Miami Marlins, who have the best record in the American League and have made a habit of winning the World Series.

The Marlins are projected at 16-10, while the Nationals are projected 17-13, with the potential of winning their first title in a century.

Rizzos comments come as a shock to the Nats, who had hoped to have their team ready for the season opener on Oct. 1.

Razzos announcement comes as the team is dealing with the fallout of last week’s incident with a fan in the parking lot of Nationals Park.

According to multiple reports, a Nationals fan tried to throw a beer bottle at Rizzomos wife, Melissa, who was sitting in a car behind home plate.

The bottle landed in her lap, causing her to fall to the ground, where she sustained a fractured eye socket and was treated by paramedics and an emergency room doctor.

Rizza has defended the fan, and has called for the Nationals to allow fans to come to the ballpark for pre-game tailgating.

The incident was reported by The Washington Times.

Rizos statement does not appear to be about the fan or the incident itself, as the Nens have yet to comment on the incident.

Instead, it is about how Rizzons team plans to prepare for the upcoming season.

Rizzyos team has been making changes and upgrades to its lineup this offseason.

The Nens announced Monday that they have acquired outfielder Ryan Zimmerman from the New York Yankees in exchange for outfielder Michael Bourn.

Zimmerman has hit .290 with 20 home runs and 59 RBIs for the Yankees this season.

He has appeared in just six games with the Yankees, batting .163 with two RBIs and four runs scored.

The 25-year-old outfielder is eligible for free agency after the season.

Zimmerman also is slated to make $2.3 million in the final year of his contract.

According, The Washington Free Beacon, the Nationals plan to trade Bourn and outfielder Bryce Harper in exchange to get Zimmerman.

Riza Ellison reported from Washington.

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