Why is extreme car-racing illegal in Oregon?

The state’s attorney general has issued an order prohibiting extreme car race events from taking place in the state.

The order comes as more than 300 people are dead in deadly car crashes, including several fatalities, as a result of racing in the country’s most extreme driving conditions.

The attorney general’s office released the order Monday, noting that extreme car races have contributed to the deaths of dozens of people since 2011.

The Oregonian’s Jennifer Barger wrote that the order was made in response to a complaint from the Oregon Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs.

Barger reported that it is the first time a statewide driver’s license has been revoked for racing in Oregon.

In addition, the order says the state is prohibited from issuing licenses to drivers who compete in extreme car events, including extreme car sports such as NASCAR, Formula One, IndyCar and the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.